SketchData EULA message


I just installed SUPro 2017, including getting my extensions through extension warehouse. On startup, I get a dialogue box with “SketchData EULA” at the top, but the box is blank. When I close it, I get the message "You must accept the SketchData EULA to use the plugin. This seems to be an End User License Agreement for a plugin, but it’s blank and I don’t know what plugin it’s asking to accept. Any suggestions?


Show us a screenshot of your plugin folder and I’m pretty sure someone will spot it.


If it is for an extension, the easiest way to handle it is to disable the extensions in Window>Extension Manager and restart SketchUp. Enable two or three at a time, quit SketchUp, and then restart to see if the message comes up.

Another question to ask before you go through that processs: when you installed SketchgUp, did you right click on the installer file and choose Run as administrator? If not, SketchUp is not installed correctly and it could be that this message box is being displayed because of that. You can repair the installation by returning to the installer file and using Run as administrator followed by selecting the Repair option. Note: It’s not enough to be logged in as administrator. You must use Run as administrator for installation.


I found the problem by disabling all and enabling a few at a time as suggested. Thanks for your quick response and help.



It would help people in the future to know what Plugin it was that was causing the issue.


It was SketchData Tools.


Maybe you can also mark that as the solution to your question – again, to help people out in the future.


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