Message errors

When I click on “Accept the agreement” this message appears afterwards? Do you know why?

To me it seems that there is an extension called su_pcp, whatever it might be, that is faulty or not compatible with your version of SketchUp. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with your license agreement.
Did you copy your old extensions over from a previous SketchUp installation?
EDIT: the problem seems to be with the Trimble Scan Essentials extension. Are you sure you have the newest versions of everything?

I don’t think I copied any extensions.
I don’t know…

Given your Windows user name, I thought for a moment you had managed to get screenshots from my computer!

su_pcp is Scan Essentials. If you don’t use that you could run the SketchUp installer again, and modify the features, to then uncheck Scan Essentials so that it gets uninstalled.

If you do use Scan Essentials, it was updated a few days ago. Try updating to this one, using Extension Manager:

But my name has an E at the end ahah, but i’ts true we can confuse!
I downloaded San essenatial again and now it’s good.

Thank you for the solution!