Sketch up Pro Layout question

Like so:


But in you’re drawing, you can also rotate the curves:

Funny. I didn’t have to go through any of those gymnastics like you show.

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I have just turned 50, I need the gymnastics😅

Youngster! I guess I could use them, too, truth be told. :slight_smile:

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The picking of the bottom perimeter requires some gymnastics as well, I guess…:

If you’re going to do that, set the Face Style to X-ray so you don’t have to orbit around the model.

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Thank you so much!!! you guys are awesome!


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I have one more question guys! Sorry for being such a pain in the butt! I am trying to download the Fredo round over extension so i can manipulate certain parts of the base. I can download the file but cannot seem to import it into my SU 2018 Pro?

Is there a simple way to do this?

Any help would be appareciated!

Thanks guys!


The file you download will have the extension rbz. After downloading it to your computer, go to SketchUp’s Window menu. Click on Extension Manager. At the bottom, click on Install Extension. find the file and click Open, Yes. also make sure you install LibFredo6 the same way…

Thanks Dave, I seem to have it but cannot get the tool up?



If you have Round Corner installed properly, you should find it in the Tools menu in Fredo6 Collection or the round Corner toolbar in View>Toolbars.

Dang, i have it installed as RBZ file in my downloads and when i try to install as per your instructions this is what I get?

I still have a few days left in my SU pro trial and will buy it this week, could that be an issue with the install of fredo?

Not likely. I’d try starting SketchUp Pro afresh, then doing the extension installation procedure and see what happens.

Note that Dave stated this particular extension will appear in the Tools menu under the Fredo6 Collection submenu (not in the Window menu as you showed in an earlier reply).

You are looking at the configuration settings menu for LibFredo6. The item for Round Corner will appear in the Tools menu under the Fredo6 Collection submenu, and also will have a Toolbar you can show.

Thank you guys!!! totally worked!! Woohoo!!


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Doh! Way cool!

“Section planes? We don’t need no stinking section planes!”

I don’t think it would ever occur to me to use the position camera tool in orthographic view.

Thanks for the video link.

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