Demonstrate how scenes can be used for presentations

Hi there SU community:-)

I want to use scenes to present my model so that it shows the existing building and furniture layout in one scene, and show the proposed layout as another scene. Is this a standard practice way to use scenes for putting together design proposals? To show existing and proposed rather than just different views of the proposed?

Does anyone have any short promotional videos to demonstrate this so I can send to my boss to show how this could work? Not a long tutorial, but simply a quick demo of it?

Another way to use scenes that I think would be useful is for furniture construction drawings as I could create different scenes to show how the furniture is constructed by pulling it apart for example. I know I have seen a video tutorial/ demo of this but cannot find/ remember where! Can anyone help me find someting to show my boss how I could use this feature?

I want to use Google sketchup and am trying to find short promotional video demonstrations to show my boss what I could do with it. Bearing in mind that I am a beginner, not advanced.

Thank you!!

You can certainly do the things you want in SketchUp. This involves the use of components and groups to “package” separate objects to prevent them from sticking to each other. (pieces of furniture as components walls and floors grouped so they don’t get modified unintentionally, etc.) Then create layer tags to assign to the objects to control their visibility. Then switch the visibility on and off as desired for different scenes.

A promotional video showing that? Hmmm… I’ll look. How much experience do you have using SketchUp?

As for the furniture construction end of things, if your models have been built correctly, that is each part that needs to be made is a separate object, then it’s easy to show it assembled and as exploded views using layer tags and scenes. From that you can make construction plans or create or required materials like assembly instructions for knockdown furniture. This is one of the things I’ve used SketchUp for since the beginning. Here’s an example of a small thing I did with SketchUp and LayOut. There are a total of four pages in this one with details for construction.

Here is an example where I used layer tags and scenes to be able to switch from one view of the case to another one. In this instance it’s just opening doors, pulling out a keyboard tray and adding the keyboard. Two different scenes.

FWIW, it hasn’t been Google SketchUp since 2012. Your profile indicates you are using SketchUp 2018. Is that correct?

Hi DaveR,

Yes you are correct, I have indeed got Sketchup 2018, it was called Google Sketchup whern I was at University and I keeop calling it that still🤦‍♂️

Ok, thanks very much, I am familiar with the concept of using groups and componaents in sketchup to seperate geometry. I also know that layers control visisbilty rather than seperate geometry like they do in other programmes.

The purpose of my post today was purely to get some knid of short promo video, or examples of presentations using scenes so that I could demonstrate what I want to do with SU to my new boss. I have been asked for ideas on how I might improve on the way the company currently presents their designs and I think it would be good to show the existing and the proposed next to each other on the page. I want to use SU to do this so I wanted someting to show him as an example of how quick/ easy it is to do with it.

Any reccommedations?

Hi Sarah,
From what I understand, you need two different option virtually in the same place but to show up in two different scenes. This video might help. It is not exactly a different-options-demo but might give you the concept.

It is more or less group, components, and layers management that does the trick.
Perhaps if you can share your file, I can understand your intent and thus demonstrate it better.
Hope it helps.


Match Photo is another tool to integrate a SketchUp model of a proposed design with existing conditions in the form of a photograph. I have some examples in another thread here and here.

It’s pretty easy to create simple animations from SketchUp, and scenes work as the key frames for that. Here’s a quick animation with just four scenes.

Lets see if this works: