Creating Scenes with Layers for a small woodworking project



I’ve been using Sketchup Pro 2018 to learn to do some modeling for various woodworking projects. First I modeled a table from a youtube video in which the guy had a table on one (Main) scene and he copied the table on the same layer but saved in to a second (Assembly) scene, this way he could show the table whole on one layer and without the top on a second layer. He then showed how to have measurements and labels show on the one layer and not the other.

I have tried to follow this to show each and every piece on its own scene and layer but I am getting lost everytime!

How can I model a piece of furniture such as a dresser and show each piece by itself with its own measurements?

Can someone please steer me in the right direction be it a video or a book?

Here is the video…


I use SketchUp to create furniture plans and I can help you with this. His process seems a bit confusing and convoluted to me

If you want, I could show you in person. Drop me a PM and we’ll work it out.


In Person??


Live screen share unless you are local to me.


Oh, I am in the Eastern time zone and would need to do it at an earlier time, say, around noon!


You mean like noon tomorrow? No big deal. I’ll send you a PM.


That would be great if you don’t mind!

How exactly does that work?


PM sent.


I am ready to send a project to LayOut but I forget if you broke it down into scenes before or after sending it to LayOut?



Hi Rich,

Scenes in SketchUp before sending to LayOut. Each scene is a view of the model they way you want to show it in LayOut.

Do you want to connect again?


Yeah if you don’t mind, that’d be great.


Check your PMs in a moment.