Sketch Up Pro - Keep Crashing on Every Opening

Problem 1: Historical files opened last time launched again when I open a new file. I need to close the historical files every time.

Problem 2: When I saved new file, (not closing the historical files to avoid crash), it will closed and can’t save if I closed the historical files.

Please advise how to avoid historical files launched every time.

Shift Click on the SU app icon to open a new model on it’s own…

it should save fine to Documents or Desktop folders…

what Extensions do you use?


Hi John,

I am using MAC OS10.12, but Sketup Up Pro 2013. Is it possible to update?

bugsplat came out everytime when I saved files or closed some historical files which launched together with the file I opening.

So, I would like to solve the problem of many historical files come out together. (Not sure if this help)



SketchUp Pro 2013 is likely to encounter problems under macOS Sierra 10.12 - Trimble does not update old versions when a new OS release causes incompatibilities. So, indeed, you will need to update. However, for SU Pro the update will not be free. You should contact Trimble sales or your local reseller to find out the price.