Sketch Up Pro 2017 Hanging Up

I Use SketchUp Pro 2017. About 12 months ago I had a problem with it hanging up and the issue was resolved by updating the Intel HD graphics driver after which it worked fine.

However, the problem has returned with a vengeance. I have tried updating the driver to the latest version, but it still locks up for 10 seconds or so before the cursor can be moved again. Additionally, I cannot select anything on the drawing.

Is there anything I am missing? I presume that I can still download SketchUp Pro 2017 (I bought a license) and reinstall if this is what is needed.

Appreciate any help on this - I basically can not do any work and its piling up at this point.

Most likely the Intel drivers were updated by an automatic Windows update from Microsoft. Try rolling the drivers back to the version that worked before.

I’ve tried that - the ‘roll Back’ button is shaded out on the dialog box - i.e. I cannot select it. The last driver update was 11/12/2017

I’ve just tried re-installing - that has not worked either unfortunately.

I uninstalled SU17, downloaded and installed SU18 - same problem.

I installed SU17 onto my laptop (64 bit, 8 GB Ram) - same problem.

Right now nothing works on any of my machines.

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