Sketch-up Pro 2017 and 2018 will not open

After a NEW install Sketch-Up Pro 2017 or 2018 program will NOT open at all.
I’ve done ALL and others have stated in there post Administrator installs updates Video drivers from Intel removed Microsoft Visual C++ etc.
Lenovo T470 - Intel v620 - Not working
Lenovo Carbon X1 - Intel v520 - Not working
Lenovo - P50 - nVidia Quadro M2000M - Works Fine.

What Else?

any error messages?

the 3 common reasons are:

1.) incompatible graphics card driver, i.e. OpenGL support not compliant => update
2.) incompatible plugins/extensions => udpate/disable*
3.) Win: wrong or missing prerequisites (= MS runtime libraries) => install SU again by “r-click > Run as Admin” or install the libs manually one by one (point #5).

*disable: start SU from the command line with the “\DisableRubyAPI” flag… or rename/move the plugins folder.

None at All Not even a flicker.

Assuming all of the previously mentioned ‘prerequisites’ have been met without success…

You original post mentions ‘administrator’ - and is at best ambiguous.

For the avoidance of doubt, SketchUp must be installed properly to avoid unpredictable issues with file/folder permissions etc…
Even if you [as your normal Windows-user] have admin-powers, OR are even the main system administrator [not normally recommended], the only proper way to install [or repair] SketchUp is as follows.
Log in as your normal Windows user-account.
If SketchUp is open then close it.
Find the SketchUp installer’s exe file [probably in your Downloads folder ?]
Select its icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”…
When prompted choose “Repair” [this should not adversely affect custom settings or plugins etc].
Note that if that still doesn’t work choose “Uninstall”, then immediately after that competes repeat, choosing “Install”.
Note that for a fresh installation requires you to choose “Install”.

When it completes try restarting SketchUp…

On newer PCs installing any complex app like SketchUp must be done using “Run as administrator”.
Doing it any other way causes unpredictable issues.
Never double-click the installer’s exe file’s icon to Run it - it is not equivalent to doing it properly - even if you have admin-powers !

It may be the Intel GPU’s on 2 of your machines - have you run SketchUp’s compatibility tool on the 2 machines with Intel GPU’s?

SketchUp checkup

Did that SketchUp Checkup program also does not open like SketchUp.

‎Did SketchUp Checkup ‎actually install?

Are your downloads blocked?

(see files properties)

Yes it did install and NO downloads are not blocked.

I don’t have experience with this issue - possibly search installation FAQ’s where you downloaded SketchUp Checkup.

Is it possible the Win 10 you have is 32 bit? SU 2018 is 64 bit only.