Sketch up go

Hello. Is sketch up go good for interior design?

It can be provided you are careful about avoiding the file bloat that seems to be common with interior designers. You’ll probably want to go to SketchUp Pro so that you have more tools available as well as LayOut for documenting your projects.

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yes, I think in the future to use pro

If you’re going to do interior design and use SketchUp I would recommend making the future now.

Interior design is not my main job. I would like to try this. I’ve done this before in 3ds max. And if I like to work in Sketchup Go, I will use Go in the future. For using the go version, I will have to pay twice as much. I don’t want to pay a lot for something I don’t like. Pardon my English, if that.

There a few reasons I suggest starting to use Pro over Go for interior design. The user interface is different, there’s ready access to a number of useful extensions that can speed up the work, of course LayOut, and there is wide range of rendering applications available if you want to make rendered images from your models.

Hmm… Interesting. I’ll think about it.

Sorry. is it possible to use the trial version of go?

There is a trial version of Go but it may be that you’ve already used it since you are using SketchUp Free.

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