Sketch up 2024 tool bars

why the tool bars are stuck to the left of the screen, I have 3 monitors & in 2023 version I had all the tool bars & trays on one screen to have the maximum exposure on 2nd screen & enscape renders on the 3rd, I can’t move the large tool set from the left of the screen. why is that? these things should placed wherever the user desire, if this is the future, I am not upgrading,

You should be able to grab it at the top and move it.

I have similar problem (and more) with my dual screen laptop setup.The unlocked Toolbars is always stuck on my secondary screen. (They are jumping back to that monitor if I move to the other.)
They are working on it…

Until that you can “play” winch one of your monitors the “main display” and where the SketchUp main window is placed…

I can move mine…just grab it with the mouse by the group of double dots like normal

I wonder what your two systems have in common @dezmo

SketchUp 2024, which cannot properly handle certain multi-screen systems. :wink:

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My system actually drives 7 monitors, in different rooms, and 2024 has no screen issues for me.

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You belong to the lucky majority.
Unfortunately, quite a few users are in the same situation as here or in the topic linked in my post above.
If to your question, what is common in such systems would be an answer, surely the solution would not be delayed either.

A new version of QT has recently been released, if it is integrated into SU, maybe it will end my suffering when I have to use SU2024.

Maybe you know where the Sandbox tools went?!
Is that a known bug?

Also this fun thing, when you have multiple instances of sketchup open…

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Did you checked in the Extension Manager if it is enabled?

Perhas you can download the last version from here (and re-install via EM):

No luck. Its enabled, because I can hotkey the Drape tool… But the toolbar has floated somewhere outside my display space.
Strange that it’s just sandbox.

@AK_SAM Insolved the way @dezmo said. Edit the private json file and change the coordinates of the toolbbar