How to modify toolbars in Sketchup Pro 2024

Just trying to setup my SketchUp 2024 toolbars to match the setup I have in 2022.

In 2022 I can just drag icons off of a toolbar but in 2024 that doesn’t seem to work. For instance I only want the Save & Model Info icons on the standard toolbar.

Is there a simple way to do it?


You need to have the Toolbars panel (View menu) open as you did in SketchUp 2022. Then you can either modify the native toolbars or create your own custom toolbars with native tools on them. I have three custom toolbars. One for across the top and two down the left. I’ve omitted tools I don’t need. (Actually I don’t need all of the tools I still have but keep them for tutorial videos I do.) By combining the Styles and Views tools with the first four I’ve eliminate space taken by the dividers.
Screenshot - 6_8_2024 , 12_24_06 PM

Thanks - I’ve got the panel open but if I drag any button off of the toolbar a red cross appears on it and it doesn’t move wherever I drag it to.

If you just want to remove the tool from the toolbar, right click on it to delete it. You can only drag tools from one toolbar to the other with the QT Framework.

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Ah - okay - I will try that :+1:

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Hey - we’ve got a Bottom View icon now :grinning: :+1:


All done - the only thing I could not replicate is renaming the Default Tray as it always reverts back to Default tray on start up.


Create a new tray and leave the Default tray turned off.

Perfect - all I need now is for Undet to update their plugin and I will be good to go :+1:

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