Toolbar is locked

Just downloaded SketchUp Pro 2019 for 30 day trial. I have an iMac running Mojave. I want to customize the toolbar (e.g. delete the eraser which I never use). When I open the customize toolbar window and attempt to add or remove tools from the toolbar nothing happens. What am I missing?

Note, I’ve been using SketchUp Make for years and I am able to customize the toolbar without problems.

So with Customize toolbar… open, you are unable to drag the Eraser off the top toolbar?

Okay, that’s the “trick” I was looking for. I tried to move the icon off the toolbar shown at the bottom of the customize toolbar window.

Thanks for tor the quick reply.

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Ah yes. That’s a pre-packaged collection of tools that you can drag into or off the toolbar as a set, but you can’t alter the set itself. But it’s just a convenience collection. You can add the same tools individually from the main part of the window or drag them one at a time off the toolbar.

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