Sketch to Layout - invisible tags won't hold?

When I send my model to Layout with scenes which turn off certain tags those tags are visible in my Layout portal. I have to spend lots of time change the visibility of my tags in Layout. Is this a bug or user error. M1 MacBook Pro

Hard to tell for sure what’s going on. What version of SketchUp? What version of Mac OS? Please complete your forum profile with that information.

Share the LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got and how it is set up. I expect we can help you sort out the problem.

Sketchup: File>Send to Layout. I think this is everything you need.

With “sharing the layout file” DaveR probably means the file itself, not some screenshots.

Attachments available until Jun 25, 2022

The only attachments I’ve seen from you are .jpg image files. No LayOut file.

The Finnish calendar insists on today being in May. Time travel?

Wishful thinking. Fixt.

Looking at all that I must do before June 25, I would wish it was still April… June 25 is Midsummer Day here, and many start their summer holidays then.

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