Lost Layer control in Layout 2020

Just started using Layout 2020 three weeks ago. Set up a new project in it and was testing using one scene in Sketchup to produce a battery of drawings in Layout. It worked really well and I published a test set of drawings last week for my client. Was asked to try another design option and after completing that in Sketchup, I went back into the Layout file to update everything and now there is no control of the layers in each drawing. All the layers are there, layer control works (eyeball turns off and on), but there is no change in the actual drawing/scene.

I have saved and updated a few times to make sure that was correct. Tried closing both programs and restarting them. Nothing. Not seeing the problem. Any thoughts?

Are you referring to layers in LayOut or Tags in SketchUp? Can you share the LayOut file so we can see what you are working with?

Tags in Layout…my apologies, still haven’t gotten my mind to switch gears yet.

Will I need to share both the SU and LO files?

Just the LayOut file. It contains the SketchUp file.

Tiny Home V2 - Drawings.layout (6.0 MB)

Strangely the only page with viewports is the last one. Did you erase viewports from the other pages?

Got all my viewports on all pages.
That’s a brand new saved file so if it’s missing something…well I don’t know what to say.

This is what I see on most of the pages.
Screenshot - 4_29_2020 , 4_20_53 PM

When I change the tag visibility for a viewport, though, things change in the viewport as expected.

Well that’s funny…I must have gotten some drawings turned around. that viewport is to a totally different job…hold on.

Tiny Home V2 - Drawings.layout (10.5 MB)
Try this one.

There’s a big difference between those two files.

The tag visibility thing seems to work for me. The viewport shown below is in a group so I had to open that first to select the viewport.

Yeah…big difference…Haaa…eh ehehm…

Well that’s an interesting turn. I would have thought that tag visibility would have worked just like in SU.

Looked a bit deeper at this. I went to that same drawing on the first page and I went into the group and tried exactly what you are doing and it works.

So go to page A.8 and try any one of those viewports and see what happens. Turning tag visibility on and off in those doesn’t work for me.

And actually…it looks like the only one that I see that is letting tag visibility work is the one you used, The main floor plan.

Not sure why it’s misbehaving. I selected a viewport on that last page, reset the Tags and then turning them on and off worked as expected.

what does resetting the tags do?

It should reset the tag visibility to match that of the original scene.In the viewport I was experimenting with–the lower right one–it didn’t make any apparent difference. I guess if I were setting those up, I would have made scenes in SketchUp to match those views instead of modifying the camera position in the viewport but that’s just me.

That did it. Reset any of them on any page resets the invisibility feature.

I’m with you…I have been setting up specific scenes in Layout for quite a while now. Was just testing to see how this worked. I guess I know now. Thanks Dave!

I lean heavily on Layouts tag control so have a fair bit of experience with this, and it does get jammed up on rare occasions. Once in a while I loose tag control and have to do a reset. Reset always make the viewport behave again. I cannot pinpoint the conditions that cause this lockup, just that it happens once in a blue moon to me and that reset fixes.