Sketch Quest VR viewer not 1:1

I was testing the Sketchup VR viewer on my Quest 3 with an intersection design. Whilst the model dimensions are correct 1:1 the roomscale is not physically 1:1. In the model I’m about 2 high!

Am I missing something? Is there anything I can adjust to resize/calibrate the model?

Hi @vicbstard

This is Aris from the SketchUp team.
Sometimes it does happen while in immersive mode in the Quest Viewer, that the model feels smaller or larger than the object(s) it represents in real life. This might be related as you pointed out from the perception of where the floor is in real life and where the floor appears to be in VR.
A possible workaround to fix this would be to activate Passthrough (by clicking the Y button on your left controller) and then using the grip buttons on either controller to pan along the Z axis in order to align the real floor with the virtual floor. Once you achieve the alignment you can switch off Passthrough.
Enabling Passthrough will also allow you to compare any virtual objects in your model with the real world. I would be interested to know if you are finding scale inconsistencies during that comparison/

Hope that helps.


Something does seem off with the scaling in the sketchup VR viewer. Vertically it is correct (tested with an object the same height as my eyeline), but the horizontal seems to be out a bit.

Hi @vicbstard

It would be great if you could attach a screenshot of a model having Passthrough on so we could understand better how the horizontal dimension appears to be off.

Thank you,

I’ll give it a go. The best example was a road intersection layout that nobody would see as being correct. Laying down (!?) next to a traffic island that was supposed to be 2m wide and I was the same length (but I’m not 2m high).:grin: