Vr Viewer . using Quest 2

Hi , I am using the Vr viewer for the first time on quest 2 , Can someone tell me how to make All my models privately accessible from the head set . I managed to put a model in yesterday ,which i had recently worked on in 2021 version and it said i should save it an earlier sketchup version of sketchup to view ? . any idea’s . ps Is there smooth walk round feature ? Regards Phil

Not sure about a smooth walk around feature. It is possible that the VR viewer hasn’t been updated to handle 2021 files, I will check into that. For now, do a Save As, and choose 2020 as the file format.

Thanks Colin , Where you on the original forum at Sketchup with the likes of Gully ?

I was invited to be a Top Contributor during the Google days, along with Gully Foyle and others. When SketchUp went to Trimble, us Top Contributors were rebranded as Sages.

It wasn’t that I was as expert as those other guys, but compared to many I was more civil!

I remember those day , how is gully ?

Unheard of for some time. It’s nearly 6 years since he posted here. Let’s see if he is still around! @Gully_Foyle

This is still the case. Sketchup VR doesn’t work with Sketchup 2021 files. Amazing.
We’re paying for this?

Hi @DapperDanMan,

My name is Aris and I am the Product Manager for SketchUp Viewer AR/VR.
Firstly I want to apologize for this inconvenience.
This is a limitation we are aware of, and we are actually building a new version of the VR application that will address similar issues in the future. However, we still need some time before we release the new version, so until then I am afraid I have to ask that you save your files to the 2020 version as Colin suggested.

Again apologies for the inconvenience and I will make sure to keep you posted on any future updates.