Sketch 2019 black screen

i cant even see any model in my sketch up 2019 the screen are black but the button windows are present but other updated sketch 2022 and 2023 are working properly.
my laptop details are: windows 10 pro
intel HD graphic 620
intel core i3 7100u CPU @ 2.4ghz 8g ram

When did this start happening? Just recently? What changed on your computer right before it started? SketchUp 2019 hasn’t changed in years so it’s not a bug in SketchUp. Try updating the graphics drivers directly from Intel.

Share a SketchUp model file that exhibits this problem.

Your profile says you are using the “Free Plan” of 2019 and 2022. There is no free plan of either one of those versions. Please correct your forum profile.


this happens right after I installed sketch up 2019 but I don’t have time to repair it just now, i forgot that I payed this app

When did you install SketchUp 2019?

Why are you trying to use 2019 now when you have 2022?

my laptop is midrange spec if vray on 2022is not working ill try vray sketch 2019

I don’t think you will be able to get Vray running on an integrated graphics card like that…

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