Blank Screen Sketchup 2019 PRO

Hi, I need help please.

I read all the topics about the blank screen on sketchup 2019 and tried all the solutions suggested by other users and was not successful in solving my problem. Really I need help, anyone?

My laptop specs:
Acer Aspire VX
i7-7700HQ @ 2.80GHz
GTX 1050 ti 4Gb
Intel(R) HD Graphics 630
16Gb RAM

The unchecking the use fast feedback was the normal solution for some machines that were using an underpowered Intel GPU. You seem to have Nvidia in use, so you can check the box again.

Try going to File, New From Template, and pick a template that shows Marc. See if you then at least see the sky and ground colors.

If you go to Window, Default Tray, Show Tray, does the tray show up?