SKB filenames changed?


Did the naming system for backup files change with this new update? I now have two files in every folder that look identical unless I look at the file’s properties to determine which is an .skp, and which is an .skb.

I could be wrong but didn’t sketchup previously name the automatically generated backup files “backup of [filename]”? Layout still names them that way.

The combination of this issue, and the open as read-only issue has made for a frustrating day or two at my desk. I thought I had lost hours of work, only to discover that I had been editing the .skb file instead of the .skp file since they both look identical in my folders now.


The naming system has not changed.
By default the .skb files should display a blank icon as they aren’t linked to SketchUp - you might have linked them yourself.

I want to know what I am dealing with, so I always remove the tick in Folder Options that hides file extensions.

So my backup files don’t carry the SketchUp icon, and the extension is visible, and double-clicking on them only brings up the Open With… dialog.



here’s what I see. I didn’t change any settings, but this change is universal across all of my jobs.

I must have opened an .skb file and had it associate with sketchup.

Is there an easy way to revert this?


this topic can be deleted as it is a user-error/windows situation and not related to sketchup.