SketchUp Filenames (Windows)

I’m looking at the files that are saved in my /SketchUp Projects folder and wondering what’s going on with the pairs of files there.

Thank you!

Do you mean the .skp and .skb extensions?

The [menu] Window > Preferences > General holds the settings for ‘Create Backup’ and ‘Autosave’
When installed, they are both checked.
The first creates or saves a backup when opening or saving a file with the same name but with the ‘.skb’ extension.
‘Normal’ SketchUp files uses ‘.skp’

The Autosave setting means that a temporary file is being kept up during modeling, in case something goes wrong, it will show up in the Welcome screen upon startup, if all goes well, it isn’t needed and will be removed.

Remember that if you have Windows set up not to show file-type extensions you’ll often see duplicated file names.
Assuming you have ‘backups’ set in Preferences, then whenever you save your model it becomes the latest .skp file and the previous version is renamed .skb - that way your only ever a save behind if ‘the wheel comes off’ !
Because xxx.skp can have a xxx.skb you may see ‘xxx’ listed twice.
To list these with useful ‘type’ information and sorting options change your Windows Explorer > View Options > folder and search - aka Folder Options, to always display the file-type extension under the View tab in the dialog…

A file extension is part of the file name. It’s not a separate, optional attribute. A file can only be uniquely identified by the complete name.

Thanks for the information about the .skp and .skb files. That makes sense.
I’m seeing that some of my model filenames have “(Open)” added to the name.
What is the significance of this?