Backup files

If I turn off just the backup files what happens? backup isn’t the autosave file anyway?

backup is the .skb file that creates whenever you save. it’s not an auto save but a versioning system made so that you always have your current save and the previous one available.

say you save at 11h45
then your skp is the version of 11h45

now you save again at 13h28
the 11h45 version becomes the skb.

and when you save at 14h11…
you guessed it, the 11h45 is gone, replaced by the 13h28 one.

if your file gets corrupted, or if you do something really wrong, you can simply rename the skb into skp to recover the previous save state.
(on a mac it’s almost the same, normal file is skp, backup ends in ~.skp)


Auto save will, in your case, save every 7 minutes in a temp file, as long as you saved your file once.
If sketchup crashes, you’ll be asked weather you want to reopen your save or the auto save.

one is for crashes. the other for mistakes

It is not the autosave file. The result is that the backup files with the .skb extension will no longer be saved in the same folder with your model.

are there a way to choose a folder to sketchup create the backups? I didnt find in the save options menu

auto save are in a specific temp folder.

backups are in the same folder as the main sketchup file you’re working on. can’t be anywhere else, but assuming you’re sorting your main files correctly, the backups shouldn’t be hard to find ;).
same folder, same name, but ends in .skb instead of .skp

What happens when you have autosave setup, Sketchup crashes, does not prompt you to open the autosave file because it never saved a backup file (and still isn’t despite me double checking the autosave options)? I have checked everywhere for the backup file including the C drive just in case…

This happens when you have started a new file that you haven’t yet saved.