Why autosave does not work?



I have the options in Preferenced - Sketchup v8 - set to Auto-save every 10 minutes. But in the folder where models are saved there is only one file which is AutoSave_Untitled.skp from may. I did some mistake during which I lost 2 days of work and it is not possible to recover it because when I press alt+backspace to step back, so it stops on N steps back with Edit/Undo options disabled… So I tried to look for backup…


As I understand the autosave function, when enabled sketchup is making a backup file buried in the system at regular intervals while you are working (MAC-library-application support-sketchup version-autosave??). This autosave file is erased if sketchup closes normally without crashing. If sketchup bugsplats, the last autosave version should appear as the file name with autosave attached to the front. This is distinct from the make backup function which is constantly making a separate backup file in your target folder alongside the original with a ~ in the title. Sounds like you are looking for a backup. The autosave file from may was likely generated due to a crash or force quit of sketchup, but if you close and save normally the autosave assumes all is well and erases the running autosave file.


I See. Thanks


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