Layout backup file name - can it be changed



I’ve been wondering this for years - is it possible to change the name of the backup file name. Whenever I save a LO file, a backup is created with is great, but I want to know if rather than being called

Backup of FILE NAME

I could change it so that the backup is called

_Backup of FILE NAME

I sort some files alphabetically and having all the backups in the middle of the stack is a pain. Can I change this to have an underscore at the beginning so it sorts as a separate block of files?



Do you ever use it?FWIW each time you manually ‘save’ or ‘save as’ and the ‘create backup’’ is ticked, a backupfile is created of the state of the LayOut file at the time of saving. (Not upon opening)
File->revert will get you back as well, without the Backup. (To the last saved version)
If you do want more control over your 'revisions’and need some kind of history, I would suggest using ‘Save As’ with the filename and version (V1,V2,V3, etc)


I feel your pain.

I wish that whenever Layout or Sketchup first created and saves a backup (either a .skb OR a “Backup of” layout) it would instead create a folder called “Backups” and thereafter save both types of backups to that folder.

This would make viewing certain files and folders I use much easier, without so much visual clutter.


Thanks @jimmy, thats what I was hoping for but doesn’t sound like its an option.

@MikeWayzovski, thanks, i used to do the save as method but have been using the backup method for a long time now. I fell foul to my own inability to remember to save a backup, also, I found it a lot more admin to have to keep going through and deleting the save as versions. For me either having backups go into a folder or being able to prefix them with an _ would be great. The way they are now is ok so I guess I’ll just live with it…