If I rename a file how is the backup version affected

I am about to rename a large collection of SketchUp files. They are all currently saved with their backup versions.
If I rename the active files and then rename the backup (to the same name as the renamed active file) is the link between the two retained. Or do I need to approach this differently

There is NO link between the two files, which need to be retained regarding Sketchup.

What is the purpose of keeping the backup files?
It is usually ment for getting back the previous saved version when editing the original to the final version and you want to go back to that.

If you rename the SKP and SKB files with the same name, retaining the extension, the backup file continues to be overwritten when you edit and save the model file. If you don’t rename the backup, SketchUp will create a new backup file with the new file name when you edit and save, and the old backup will remain. The only thing linking a model and its backup is the name.

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…On Windows.

On MAC the backup of e.g. model.skp is model~.skp

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Many thanks for the reply.
I used to rely on the backup version as the “just in case it goes wrong” safety net. But for the last few years on new work I have created copies with dated titles as a record of progress.
The reuse of these slightly older files relates to bring them in line with codes and regulations and renaming them in line with new project requirements and I am deciding on wether to rename the backup files at the same time or to let SU create new ones after the SU files have been renamed. Of course I can also apply the Save as copy routine to ensure incremental saves as the files progress.

Your reply is much appreciated.
As I had hoped. I didn’t want to proceed with a lot of renaming only to find I had inadvertently severed a file association.
I will also “save as copy” at each file release to ensure tracked updates. Something I didn’t do in my early workflow.

Hey Paul, hope you are doing well.

Trimble Connect is good for this - each time you hit publish OR the sync app syncs your files it creates an actual file history, so you can actually see the entire history of the file everytime you synced it and you can go back to another version at any point.
Not just for SketchUp Files, but for any files you have uploaded.

Hi Adam,
Being a very small operation I have never used or considered Trimble Connect. Sounds about time that I watched a tutorial (Should have gone to the info stand at Base CAmp!)

If you want to have a chat about how it works in more straightfoward , happy to give you a little walkthrough.
There are definately useful things you can use it for, even as a single user.
drop me an email adam.fairclough@elmtec.co .uk if you want to book something in.

…sent you an email