Skb file cannot be opened. Unexpected file format error appears. Help me please

I was messing around normally and when I went to open the file, it appeared that it was not being found, when I opened skb, it appears unexpected file format. please help

What about the .skp file? Can you open that?

What version of SketchUp are you actually using? The SketchUp Free (web) version your profile indicates does not generate a .skb file.


I tried to open the skp file and it was not being found, when I went to open the skb file, the skp file disappeared. My version is 2020, I put it wrong.

Perhaps in a little while when @colin gets to work he’ll have time to work his magic on it. The .skp file should not have simply disappeared.

Please fix it. That information is important to help us help you.

The version on my profile is corrected, thanks! I thought it was strange that the file disappeared too.

Not quite. It should be SketchUp Pro, correct?
Screenshot - 2_22_2022 , 7_12_56 AM

Have you searched the computer for the .skp file?

Where are you saving your files? On a local hard drive or in the cloud?

I was saving to an external hard drive. I believe the file got corrupted because of this.

Yes, sketchup Pro. im changed, sorry!

Yeah. That’s not uncommon, unfortunately. Always best to save to and work on files on internal drives and only copy or sync externally. Helps to avoid problems caused by interruptions in the connection.

It’s not yet 6:30 am for Colin. Hopefully he’s charged his magic wand overnight and when he gets to work he can do whatever it is he does. Usually with corrupted files he’s able to recover the components and their materials.

What would the components be? The file had no wherehouse blocks, just modeling

Don’t you make components of objects when you’re modeling? Or was it all just loose geometry?

only the part of soils that was loose, the rest is in layers

As I wrote, when Colin is able to recover anything in corrupted files, it’s usually just the components and the materials used with the components. Loose geometry and groups are usually not recovered. There are exceptions to that but they are rare.

It’s still only 6:44am for me, but I tried to recover the file. Didn’t succeed at all this time.

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You’re up early.

So the correct way to model would be to transform the groups into components?

Thanks for the effort Colin, I’m sure you did your best to recover!

I wouldn’t go so far as to say the “correct way to model”. Probably the first thing would be to make sure you are working with files saved locally on your internal drive so there’s a shorter and more dependable path to the save location. Reduces the chances of a few bits or bytes falling out here and there during a save operation.

One benefit of components over groups is that there is a collection of them in the model file. If a group gets deleted for whatever reason, it’s gone unless you can undo the deletion. If a component gets deleted from the model space it will still be present in the In Model components so you can drag another instance of it into the model space.

In my modeling workflow I only use components and not groups. Although I’ve fortunately never had a SketchUp file become corrupted, I’ve seen plenty of cases where others have and only the components were recovered. That’s only one reason for my workflow.

Before someone comes along and gets their knickers in a twist, I’m not telling you to use only components. I’m only saying that’s what I do.

It’s unfortunate that Colin wasn’t able to recover your file. I hope it won’t take you too long to rebuild it.

I’ve always used groups but now I’m aware of the importance of components, without being afraid to use them because it seems to be more complicated than groups! I appreciate the concern and I also hope it doesn’t take too long, I’ll try to improve my felux by getting more used to the components.

They actually aren’t any more complicated than groups. When you create a component you’ll get a popup window prompting you to give the component a name but if you just hit enter, SketchUp will assign it the name Component with a number. Better to give it a useful name, though, so you can identify it later. Naming objects also makes Outliner useful. It’s difficult to use it when everything is called “Group”.

There are a number of other features of components that you might leverage, too. Depends on the kind of work you are doing.

Good luck.

Thanks, I’ll get used to it and integrate better with the components, thanks for the tip!

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