Skatter does not show up on Sketchup extension

Hi, I had been using Skatter for couples months now and it was working fine. Until today where I accidentally uninstalled Skatter from Sketchup. Therefore, I tried to download it back again. The installation was successful, however, Skatter did not show up on extensions category. I tried to reboot Sketchup and reinstall Skatter but the problem could not be solved.

How can I bring back Skatter to my Sketchup?

Did you look for the toolbar in View>Toolbars?

Did you look in the Extension Manager to see that it is enabled?

It does not show up on neither of those.

You might want to get in touch with the author via

I only have Skatter on Mac, but the folder name is jbb_skatter. Can you search everywhere for that folder, and move it back into the right place?

I do have jbb_skatter on my Sketchup Plugin folder.