Skateboard desk

can you help me? Last week i tried to model skateboard desk. But i dont know hot to do “rounding”. File “1700_0” is photo i used to my work. File “skate deck” is my program. Can u please help me how to do this round shape, but preserve dimensions and face? ( sorry for my english, i make this topic with translator help :smiley: )

Skate deck.dae (25.1 KB)

CLF Shape Bender

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Thank you, i will try it :slight_smile:

Shapes like this are often just a simple case of drawing the two profiles you want, extruding them through each other, intersect, and remove the junk.
I’ve made no attempt to replicate your image, just drew a quick representation.
Skate deck


yees it is simple thank you…

And how do you something like this?

Trucks on skateboard. I know how to do thread. But i dont know hot to do this top side (special “cylinder”) on truck.