Mold/ press Design

I am looking to design a simple skate board deck. The deck will have subtle radius across the board’s width for strength. It will also have subtle radius across the board’s length. My question is: Can a skate deck be designed in sketch up? And if so, can a two piece mold/ press be designed from the skate board deck design. My ultimate goal is to use this design to CNC cut a two piece (top and bottom) deck press where I can press my own skateboard deck. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dustin Guidry

This could done but the free web version your profile says you are using wouldn’t give you the export options you need.

Dave, thanks for the response. Do you have any idea which exports I would need?

I am very new to this. Do you purchase individual exports that are needed or is there a complete package that I could buy that includes all possible exports?


Generally you would want to create a dxf or dwg file for that. You would need either SketchUp Shop or SketchUp 2020. If you are doing this for other than a hobby, you would need one of those versions anyway. And depending on your designs, you might want other capabilities that SketchUp 2020 allows because of the extensions and plugins available for it. That could be especially useful with more complex shapes.

Here’s a quick and dirty skateboard deck as an example. I used several extensions in SketchUp 2020 to do this. It could have been done in SketchUp Shop but not nearly as easily or quickly.

Thank you so much for the response!