Using SketchUp to Design Arcade Machine Cabinet Graphics?

I am new to sketch up so I’m here for some advice. I am in the process of building an arcade cabinet. I want to use sketch up to design the graphics for the side panels. To do this I basically want to make some 2d models of my cabinet’s walls, and then be able to export them as a 2d image that I can use to design the graphics in. Below I have 2 pictures, one is what I am basically wanting to do (2d layout), the other is my arcades side panel. Do y’all think sketch up is the right software for the job? If so how would I go about laying out the angles, then getting a 2d image, and are there any tutorials y’all would recommend?

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Said I could only post one image so here is the other:

Since you are using the free web version, you could export your image from SketchUp and import it into whatever application you want to use to design the graphics and use it as a guide. For a home, hobby project that should do you pretty well. There would be some advantages to working in Sketchup Pro with LayOut. You could import your SketchUp model and your graphics into LayOut with it set up to do a full size PDF which you could then use to make the real thing. This could be something for self-adhesive vinyl graphics or something else. You could also export CAD files for CNC cutting.

How are you planning to apply the graphics to your MDF panels?

Most likely I will order them as adhesive vinyl graphics to stick on. Update: I toyed around with sketch up for a bit and managed to make the image shown below. I can handle designing the graphics, I’ve done a bit of image editing in the recent past. My main question now is how to I get a perfect view from directly above the design? I haven’t seen any settings to place the camera on any axes or anything like that so far.

Camera settings are under scenes on the right. Choose parallel projection, and top view.

Thank you very much! Y’all have been super helpful!

You know this one by Eric?

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Pretty cool!

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