Need Guidance

I have downloaded the trial version of SketchUp Pro, and am at a loss as to where to start.

When I designed my kitchen, I downloaded a free version of 2020, and was able to get a rough design. No, the cabinet maker has asked if I would be willing to do designs for him. He is a custom, one man show, so 2020 is much too expensive for him. He does about 10 kitchens a year.

I was a software designer, in a previous life, so I’m not computer illiterate.

I really need some guidance. I have been able to make my room, (basically lines), but don’t know where to go from here. How do I add doors and windows? How do I design a cabinet? Am I using the correct software?

Help, please.

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Start with the SketchUp Fundamentals at Go though the tutorials there so you get a handle on the tools.

Hi Carolynn,
Go onto the web and find Matt Donley at Master SketchUp. Another good source is Michael Brightman at Brightman Architects. Finally look up Daniel Tal. These three gentlemen provide books, both downloads and hard cover, instructional videos and answers to most of the questions we have. They are masters at educating us on how to use Sketch Up. I hope that helps.

A word of warning. If by “design” he means a scale drawing of roughly what the cabinets will look like, you should be able to learn how to draw those quite quickly using tutorials. If he means fully detailed drawings showing how cabinets are constructed, you need…longer.

There are many special cabinet programs and there are SketchUp cabinet extensions. Some of the above mentioned sources, while good, are not about cabinets. Keep looking. In the meantime if you are doing good with SketchUp, keep at it. See the learning videos. It sounds like you have talent.

Having cabinets done myself this year, I can’t believe your cabinetmaker doesn’t have enough cash flow to pay for the program. They probably don’t not have the time, but it’s well enough for you to learn the program and pay for it, and take whatever he’s willing to pay for that and your time for each job.

The field today means clients want to see 3d visualization, while the builder wants concise layouts. SketchUp might help with that but take a look at what the competition is offering people, from Home Depot to custom kitchen design centers.

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If the cabinet maker can work from them and the clients understand exactly what they are getting, that’s good enough.

Indeed (kinda what I meant).

Yeah. It’s not always simple.