New to SketchUp and totally lost

Hello My name is Jonathan Mahnken of Mahnken Cabinets in Ojai California. I have been introducing myself to sketchup for several months now with what I think is some good sucess. I am at a point now where I am done “playing” with the program and would like to seriously learn to use it for my design and layout work. I would like to build a proper foundation and avoid any bad habits. I will be designing custom cabinetry and built in furniture and would like to be able to turn my designs into 2d construction plans. Should i upgrade to pro? What plugins would be helpful? Sources for tutorials books ect…?

If you are going to use SketchUp as a part of your business, per the license terms you must get Pro.

Welcome Jonathan.

I think you have a good approach. Avoid learning bad habits and build a solid foundation.

As to whether or not you should upgrade to pro, the answer is yes. For two reasons. The first is that you’ll be using it for commercial work and Make is for personal use only. Besides, you’ll want access to LayOut and probably some of the import/export options available in the pro version.

As for tutorials, start with the ones on the SketchUp site.

Hello Jonathan,

Most folks find the video tutorials are the easiest way to learn SketchUp.
Here’s a list of learning resources; some, like the Instructor, are built into the SketchUp user interface.

• SketchUp Help Center

• SketchUp Training Videos (YouTube)

• SketchUp Skill Builder Videos (YouTube)

• SketchUp Training Videos (SketchUp Site)

• Aidan Chopra Video Tutorials (Author - SketchUp for Dummies)

•The SketchUp Sage and SUWiki

• Trimble SketchUp Help Forum

• SketchUcation Community Forums