Our New Guide for Getting Started with SketchUp

My name is Alex Oliver and I’m the lead instructor at SketchUp School. We just finished creating a free guide for professionals that are getting started with SketchUp and I wanted to share it: SketchUp: The Definitive Guide to Getting Started - SketchUp School

Here’s the guide’s Table of Contents (to give you an idea of what’s covered):

  • Is SketchUp Pro the right tool for you?
  • SketchUp Pro vs. Free vs. Shop (How to choose the right version?)
  • The SketchUp Tutorial every beginner should watch first
  • SketchUp’s more advanced features
  • Creating Photorealistic Renderings
  • Creating Design Presentations and Construction Documents
  • Creating Estimates, Takeoffs and more
  • Creating Models for 3D Printing
  • Using SketchUp in a CNC Workflow
  • Using SketchUp for Woodworking projects
  • Experiencing a SketchUp Model in Virtual or Augmented Reality

A special “thank you” to all of the SketchUp Sages here in the forums that gave us feedback on the guide!

Looking forward to hearing what people think about it…


Thank you!


You’re welcome!

Watched your video recently.

Enjoyed the precise, descriptive performance and the focus on mouse use. Some of those subtleties can be a barrier to professionals like myself who are “too busy to learn”.

Could consider more graphics/animations to further grab the attention of mystified users.
Maybe a few additional points/charts on the business case for training in this type of intro video.

One point I don’t see or hear mentioned is that you need a Pro or Shop licence for commercial use of any kind.

That aside, great introduction - haven’t yet had time to get further into the videos.

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@GSTUDIOS Thanks for the feedback - really appreciate it!

@john_mcclenahan We did include the commercial use point within the table comparing the differences, but it’s still good to know if folks are missing that info. (Thank you also for the kind words!)

I’m afraid I didn’t notice it in the table, but good to know it is there.

Perhaps emphasize in the text?

I look forward to reading and viewing further on subjects I don’t yet know much about, especially Layout.