Where to find cabinet "catalogs"

I am brand new to Sketch up. All I want to use it for is to design Kitchens. I don’t do custom cabinets, so I would like a catalog of preset cabinets. I also, don’t need color and all that fancy stuff either. :slight_smile:

Would help if we knew what country you want it for.

Start by opening the 3Dwarehouse inside SketchUp Pro. Then search Kitchen Cabinets. This will likely reveal many more options than you want, you can refine your search from there.


The icon is in the Large Tool Set and looks like this:

United States

Of course, even in the US many cabinet manufacturers have adopted the 32mm system.

Did I mention I am BRAND NEW to Sketchup? :slight_smile: I fount the 3D Warehouse but this seems like a lot of work to add 1 cabinet at a time when trying to design a kitchen. I added an extension, but don’t see the cabinets (in the extension) anywhere.

SketchUp’s interface is more intuitive than some other 3D modelers but it is still a complex program. It will require some effort to learn the basics if you want to operate quickly in it. You would be best served by gaining a general understanding of how SketchUp works before you proceed.

Start Here.

If you insist on plowing ahead with inserting random cabinets from the 3D warehouse you will assuredly make some fundamental mistakes and find it a frustrating process. You can learn things that way but it’s much harder.

Learn the basic workings of SketchUp and the basic dimension system used for kitchen design in your part of the world.
IMO 98% of a normal kitchen design can be achieved by modelling plain boxes as what goes inside is so standardized. Of course it is different if you are driving a woodworking business and have to get data into your computer-driven machinery. Even then, the parts of kitchen cabinets are mostly standard. Look at what, for instance, IKEA is selling. It amounts to simple boxes with legs and doors screwed on and shelves, drawers and the like inserted.
This has about all the modelling I need to do to design a kitchen, it took some minutes:

There is nothing inside. To make a working drawing I would add some dimensions and specifications about what there would be behind the doors.