Component Catalog Creating

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Looking for advice on how to create a catalog for components.


Are you referring to a local collection of components for your own use?

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Hi Dave

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Yes I am referring to a local collection for my own use.

I am starting to draw a cabinet line for my own use and wish to catalog components and import them into drawings.


OK. You can do it a couple of ways. I would probably start with a model that includes most if not all the standard cabinets each as a component. You should be able to do this quite quickly by starting with one cabinet and then modifying it to make the others. After you have the components created, you can save the entire thing as a local collection. Go to the In Model Components window and open the Details menu (the black arrow icon that points to the right on the right side of the drop down window.) Choose Create a local collection.

How are you planning to use these cabinet components you’re making? Will they be just for use in planning and layout of kitchens? (We are talking kitchen cabinets, aren’t we?) Or will you want to be able to pull cutlists for the entire suite of cabinets out of the model?

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I will be using this for planning and layout of kitchen but
I would like to eventually pull cutlists for the cabinets as well as the doors.

Think about how you need to construct the components, then. For just doing planning and layout you could get by with simple boxes for the cabinets but you might want to use more detailed ones so that you can use the same model for both planning and creating the cutlist. You might consider making libraries of doors to go on the cabinets and if they are made correctly, it’s easy to swap one style of door for another.

There are already some extensions like CabinetSense that might be worthwhile looking into.

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