Can SketchUp do this?


I was looking for a SW that will allow me to create a 3D model of the kitchen cabinet and automatically create drawings for all components\parts (sub models) so I can cut the materials. This is not a “business”. I am building my own personal kitchen. I downloaded SketchUp Make which supposed to be “free” for personal use. I learned how to create a component model and built the cabinet out of them. Now I cannot find where my component models are stored and do not see any way to print the component drawing.
Found a “Cut List” plugin… is it free or I have to pay?
Sorry if the question is dumb.


Your components are stored in Window > Compontents. A floating window will be dispayed and, if you push the home icon then you’ll see the components you’ve created. Check this picture.


I’m not aware of any application that will automatically create drawings of components and parts. In SketchUp, however, you can easily create a scene that shows each part of your model arrayed on screen. If you rotate each component so that it faces front, then in the Camera tab choose Parallel Projection, you will have what looks like a 2D view of all the parts of your model. Then you can add dimensions, notes, whatever you need to create a set of working drawings.
The Cut List plug-in is free; it will calculate the board feet of material you need, as well as the square footage of sheet goods. It can also generate a rough sort of cutting diagram, placing your components on typical boards. It’s a very widely used plug-in, and it’s very intuitive.