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Step by step I’m learning Sketchup and try to draw my kitchen
Now I already ave the walls, window and a first cabinet

1- Is it possible to save the cabinet to a Catalog in order to re-use it on different location ?
2- I use cut and paste and move but I cant change the orientation of the cabinet whe I put it on a side wall

It must be easy after some more experience but I’m still an early bird !

Thanks for your help


If you make the cabinet a component, you can save it as a separate SketchUp file using the Save As… context (right-click) menu. Then you can import that component into other models. To reuse it within the same model, just create a copy and place the copy in the new location.

If you can’t change the orientation, it sounds like the “glue to” behavior was set when you created the component. You can turn it off on a specific instance via the context menu item “unglue” (if that menu item is not grayed out. if it is grayed out the component is not glued so you must have some other problem). You can also turn it off for all new instances by opening the components window, selecting the component for edit, and setting the glue to selection to “None”.

The most reliable way to get an exact answer to a question is to upload an example model illustrating the problem. Use the upload button at the top of the reply window unless the file is >3MB. For large files you have to upload them to a file sharing site (e.g. 3D Warehouse) and share the link here.


Kitchen3.skp (176.0 KB)
Thank You slbaumgartner
Ok I’ve created a component but it seems almost impossible to get it exactly glued to the wall or existing cabinet
An also I didt’nt yet find the way to change the orientation
Following your suggestion I’ve uploaded my first steps


OK. For starters, your cabinet component has “glue to” set to “Any”, which means it will attach its gluing plane to whatever surface it comes near. Its gluing plane is the bottom of the cabinet, so that surface will try to grab onto surfaces in the model when you place a new instance. It really isn’t useful to have the bottom surface glue to things since you don’t have a floor, so I would set it to “None” in the component window’s editor.

Beyond that, I think you just need to learn some basic SketchUp tools. It sounds like you have not tried the rotate tool, which is what you would use to orient the cabinet to a different wall. It also sounds like you need to learn how to use the move tool, in particular using inference points to align things precisely. Have a look at the SketchUp Help knowledge base regarding these tools.


Thank you slbaumgartner

Indeed I probably still have a lot to learn about component, I’ve set the glue to none but it is still almost impossible to locate exactly the component aligned to the wall and the side object
The component remain a ghost passing through the walls and any other object
I will ask google what is inference point in sketchup


When you move a component (or any entity) the move tool cursor sticks to the point on the object where you first click. So click on some point that you want to land on the wall, such as a back corner. Then as you move the object (just move the cursor after the first click, don’t drag) you will see inference tips as SketchUp finds that the reference point aligns with other items in your model - in particular watch for “on face” when it is there. When you see the appropriate inference tip, click again to place the object there. You can press arrow keys to lock the movement direction to one of the axes, which can be a great help in getting things to the right place.

When you bring a component out of the components window, the cursor will be stuck to the origin point of the component. It is a good idea to put the origin at a location in the component that will be useful for placing it, as otherwise you will have to place the component at some other location and then use the move tool as described above to get it where you want.