Suggestions for things to make with SketchUp?


Any suggestions for things to design in SketchUp that are relatively low cost and easy to build?


What’s your preferred medium? Wood? Plastic? Metal? Furniture? 3d Print? CNC?

There are a LOT of awesome ideas on this forum, you just need to zero in on a direction!


art in various mediums is often inspiring. Signs, wall art etc. …with incorporated functionality perhaps



Recently, I designed a fingerboarding spot and made it out of foam and air-dry clay.

Construction method:

Making it:

Skating it (the trick is a 360 flip nosegrind):

I have access to using paper and other craft supplies, but unfortunately I don’t have any tools for wood and stuff. I like skateboarding, art, 3D modeling, and photography/videography. Although, I’m open to building something in a different category too if I’m into it.

That’s a good idea. I’m into art, so that sounds fun to me.

I started a beach house, but kinda had a hard time designing it because I rarely draw architecture. Architecture isn’t exactly my forte. My beach house has an open floor plan, a roof deck, and all the rooms are the same size (except the office)… I just like the repetition and thought it might make construction easier because there’d be less dimensions to remember.


:slight_smile: you seem to have a passion for the board.


You don’t have to make a house, why don’t you make a beach skatepark?


Yeah, skateboarding is definitely one of my favorite hobbies.

Good idea! Although, I like drawing architecture, but I honestly have no chance competing with the other people. I kinda just gave up.


There are some pretty great SketchUppers out there, lots of it blows me away, but you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself. I often use other peoples works as an inspiration rather than an “they’re better than me and that’s it” philosophy. Get back on your feet soldier!


@IanT Hahaha, thanks. I might try to finish it before the deadline.

If I were to design a skate ramp or rail, where could I hire someone to build it for me? I have a fear of power tools, so I’d prefer someone did it for me.


The first place I’d look is people around you that you know that are often making things maybe family, neighbours etc, they may be able to do it. (cheapest option). I would then look at probably local steel fabricators or woodworking shops depending what you’re going to make it from. In my experience they relish at little odd jobs as they’re a break from the norm, but be careful of price and try to get a few quotes to compare if you can. I would try to keep it local unless you really have to go further afield.
I’m pretty lucky in that sense that I work in manufacturing so I know lots of places to approach if I need something making/fixing etc that’s beyond what we can do.


One source you might check out for a “rail” would be a salvage yard. Perhaps they have sections of old steel handrail that can be modified and mounted in concrete ballards. in your yard or next to your drive or side walk. DO NOT dig before having locates done. :slight_smile:


I just worked on my beach house a bit.


You could make something that’s simple to draw / build, but requires some thought about how you want to set it up, like this loft I designed for my son’s bedroom, based on designs I saw in college:

Not difficult, but useful. It gave my son some extra space in his room & a cool place to hang out (once I hung strip lights under the bed frame).


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