Skalp, live solid section tool for SketchUp

@Guy Thanks for clearing that up, I was pretty sure it worked fine before, but I will uninstall and reinstall down to 3.0.0072.

@Guy I seem to have missed downloading the 3.0.0072 version, only have 3.0.0036 and 3.0.0078 (which doesn’t work for me) downloaded. Can you please “hook me up”?

@Guy helped me out with the file, thanks a million!

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Dear Skalp user,

This year on December 12 and 13 there will be another 3D Basecamp Benelux for all SketchUp users and 3D fanatics.
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On Thursday afternoon the Skalp team wil give a 3 hour workshop .
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We start with the basics of Skalp down to the smallest details of our extension.
We will explain in detail how you can create professional drawings of your SketchUp projects with almost no effort.
Not only do we explain how to use Skalp in combination with LayOut , but also how to create a workflow with AutoCAD .

During and afterwards you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the developers of Skalp.

We hope to see you in our workshop.

The Skalp Team


Looking forward to see you guys there!


Together with the new SketchUp 2020 we released the new Skalp 2020 Beta version for SketchUp 2020.

This new version has some very nice new features:

  • Support SketchUp 2020.
  • Toolbar icon for export to DXF/DWG.
  • Toolbar icon for export to LayOut.
  • Graphical material selector.
  • Paint sections in the model with the new Skalp Paint Tool.
  • You can now use a Skalp material from a Library without importing the complete library.
  • You can now Export Skalp materials from the new Paint Tool directly to a library.
  • SketchUp linestyles are now supported in the forward lines of the Skalp DWG/DXF export.

Also we updated our naming to the new SketchUp naming:

  • ‘By Layer’ is renamed to ‘By Tag’
  • Skalp ‘Tag’ is renamed to ‘Label’.

The new SketchUp feature to hide objects in scenes gave us the opportunity to reduce the use of Skalp tags (layers). We don’t create anymore a new tag (layer) for every scene or sectionplane.

We also changed the default Skalp rule setting to ‘By Tag’ followed by ‘By Object’ for easier use with the new Skalp Paint Tool.

The release is a BETA version! If you find any error, bug or bugsplat please contact us at

You can download this Skalp version from our download page

If your Skalp maintenance isn’t expired you can use this Skalp 2020 version without any cost by using your Skalp activation code. Installing Skalp on multiple SketchUp versions on the same computer count only as one activation! If your maintenance contract has expired, you can still use your license key to activate Skalp. However, you will then be redirected to renew your maintenance contract.

The Skalp Team


Hi Guy
I like using skalp but one issue I can’t get around is that the section line of the previous view shows in the non section views. The skalp layer cannot be turned off unless you turn off skalp completely. So I end up having to PDF drawings from layout that have sections, then go back to sketch up and turn off skalp and regenerate all non section views and print, update layout, and print separately and compile the drawing set in PDF. This is time consuming. Is there something I am doing wrong ? Is there any work around for this. Hopefully you can see this on the attached image.
Thanks S

Try turning off “Skalp Live Section” layer… That’s where Skalp stores live section cuts. I suggest you use “Save to scene” option in Skalp which will create layers for each section. Then you can use those instead of Skalp live layer on your scenes…