Skalp DXF Export and BricsCAD

Good Evening

Hopefully just a minor problem.

When I ‘Export to DXF’ using Skalp, it creates the DXF ok, but when I try to open the DXF in Briscad by Bricsys, it reports an error with the file and will not open it.

I’m guessing this is some issue with Bricscad, as I can import the DXF back into Sketchup with no problems.

Hoping @Guy may be able to shed some light.

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Can you send me the dxf file?



Hi @Guy

Many thanks for the VERY quick reply.

Attached is the DXF file.

After I posted the message, I had a lightbulb moment……

I e-mailed the DXF to myself, and opened it on my iPad using a DWG/DXF viewer App, and it worked ok. It opened no problem, complete with hatching.

So, I’m guessing it’s an issue with Bricscad, (have to say, Ive used AutoCAD since its beginning, and Bricscad for about 5 years, and I dislike both).

Anyway, attached is a couple of the DXFs, so it would be interesting to see if you can open them. If so, I can put it down to a Bricscad fault.

One more thing………. I’m really hoping that Skalp will carry on working well when Sketchup 2017 is released. I love using Skalp, and the results are always great, and predictable. It’s brilliant being able to link the hatch patterns to layers, and saves a heap of time.

I thank you for a great addition to Sketchup.

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Michael Siggers

M: (07595) 511745

C07-2017-04 - Proposed - Option 2 - 20AUG17-FF Plan.dxf (76.4 KB)

C07-2017-04 - Proposed - Option 2 - 20AUG17-GF Plan.dxf (54.9 KB)

PowerCADD was able to open the first file. I don’t see any hatching, however. Was there supposed to be some?

I have Skalp myself, but I have spent enough time with it to get far.

Hi @RTCool

Yeah, there’s supposed to be hatching. When I e-mailed the files to myself and then opened them on a dwg/dxf viewer I have on my iPad, everything was ok, and the hatching was there.

Would be interesting to see if AutoCAD can open them.

Mind you, at least you could open them. Bricscad wouldn’t even let me do that.


DraftSight and Vectorworks can open these files including hatching.

Thank you @Guy

Very much appreciated. Confirming my suspicions that its a problem with BricsCAD, and not Skalp or Sketchup.

Many thanks and kind regards


Michael Siggers
M: 07595 511745

Hmm, now I’m concerned PowerCADD isn’t “seeing” or translating the hatch patterns. Every DWG/DXF translator is different, and there’s always something lost in translation.

I’ve encouraged PowerCADD/Wild Tools developer, Alfred Scott, to develop his Open Clip translator to connect SketchUp and PowerCADD, but he recently indicated he’s busy with other things at the moment. It would be great to have a better alternative to DXF/DWG for translation between programs.

No problem with AutoCad 2017. Complete with hatching. @Guy I haven’t tried Skalp, but it seems quite a cool plugin if it can use vector hatches.
AutoCad says the DXF uses version 14 format. I wonder if Bricscad has a problem with that. It is a very old format (about 1995) but in old times version 12 used to be the “bog-standard”. Version 14 was the first widely spread Windows version (it probably added TrueType support).

I think you’re right @Anssi about BricsCad having a problem with the format. I’ll take a screenshot of the message I get when I try to open it. It may shed some light on it and help other people.

In my view this is definitely a problem with BricsCAD and NOT Sketchup or Skalp.

I’ll also post the question on BricsCAD forums as well.


This is a screen grab of the Error message from BricsCAD.

MikeBricsCAD DXF Error

I had a reply from Bricsys, who produce BricsCAD and they stated there is indeed a problem with BricsCAD and DXFs. Even their latest version would not open it.

Interesting, and nice to know from my perspective :+1:

One thing that I find interesting about BricsCAD is that it can recover a corrupt dwg file that Autocad cannot. That little trick has saved my bacon more than once.

However, back on topic, I do find it strange that BricsCAD cannot open a DXF file, particularly when Autodesk are quite open about the file format.

Does Skalp offer the ability to export to different versions of dxf? If so, as a workaround, you could try exporting an earlier version of the dxf format and see what BricsCAD makes of that.

Good luck with finding a solution.

No at this time we only support one dxf version. DWG and multiple DXF versions coming soon…


Not opening DXFs is a strange problem,

you could try Draftsight… we have no DXF issues

, or even INKSCAPE…

seconded, I use it to do file conversions as well

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