DXF conversion trouble


Hi friends,
I am trying to save my 3D sketchUp drawing as a DXF then email it to a couple of fabrication shops where they can cut it out. I saved the first file and and it didn’t come through right - extra lines all over the place.
So I emailed it to my architect friend who has AutoCad & SketchUp and asked him to do the conversion and to check it. He emailed it back and I sent it on. And a 2nd fabrication guy screen shot the problem and it is similar to the 1st - extra lines everywhere. I haven’t been able to open a DXF with SketchUp so I have sent it on sight unseen. Can someone please point me in the right direction?
See the photos below


ToPsDoc.pdf (14.0 KB)


Did you try checking this thread on the same issue?: Problem with DXF export/import
I think there are some solutions that you may follow.


Instead of uploading a PDF, upload the SKP file so we can look at the actual model.


Sorry was away the last 24hrs.

Here is my actual skp file prior to export. Please teach the grass hopper (me)

Hatch complete.skp (385.3 KB)


SKP uploaded as per request


I don’t know if these things are related to what you are seeing but they need fixing.

The hatch faces on this side are reversed. Blue is the back face color You masked that by applying colors to the faces. Painting them doesn’t correct the problem.

There’s a face between the hatch and the flange. This has no thickness so it should be removed. Many of the holes in the flange are skinned over on the bottom face, as well. Those faces should be removed.

After cleaning up the model and making solid components of the hatch and the flange, I exported to 3D DXF. Importing it back into SketchUp, it looks fine with no added lines.

Have your fabricator look at this file.
Hatch complete.dxf (3.0 MB)


That was a quick response & edit. I hope I can do things that quick one day. Thanks so much. I’ll let you know how I go.


You’re welcome.

Those were easy edits so not too time consuming.

Word of advice. Leave the paint bucket alone until the model is finished and correct.


I used paint only so I could easily tell which faces I was moving - guess it backfired.
Thanks for the tip.


I guess it did. You should be able to tell which faces are selected for moving by the blue dotted pattern on them.


Would you be able to send me/post the cleaned up SKP file. I only have the “make” version and can’t upload DXF to view it.
Additional bad news is that my fabricator still can’t see the file. I might see if he can take any other finds of file format???


I’ll have to look to see if I kept the file when I get home from work. You could clean up your SKP file on your own and go from there.

I wonder what it is about the DXF file that your fabricator can’t handle. Before spending more time on it, find out if there’s another file type they can handle. Or maybe find another fabricator?


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