Skalp + Condoc combo



Anybody uses the Skalp plugin within the Condoc tools?
Condoc speeds up my workflow with creating plans, elevations and sections, but it doesn’t work together with Skalp.
Or at least, I can’t get it to work.

Hope to solve this problem, otherwise I have to choose between fast setting up my plans etc and manually hatch everything in Layout (which is a horrible workaround for an architect) or very slow setup in Sketchup but fast hatches with Skalp.

Thanks for the help!


Hi Joep,

Did you ever find an answer to your question? I’m in the same boat and looking for a solution.




Can you explain the exact problem? Because to my knowledge they should work perfect together.

Kind regards,

The Skalp team



On the support page of CONDOC Tools you can find the following:

We don’t have a CONDOC tools license so we can’t test it ourself.

Kind regards,

The Skalp Team


Hi Rohan,

Nope, never got an answer from Condoc.

I only use Skalp with Sketchup, perfect combo.

Did use Condoc but it’s a weird workaround with hatches etc. Skalp is just fine!

Good luck!!


Hi Guy,

The best way I see using scalp and condoc tools is to use colour by layer, making all the modelling white, and the hatch patterns have a texture or colour.
I can’t seem to properly edit the sections created by condoc tools, they seem locked or something. and when I make a fresh scalp section I can’t change the layer setting to be colour by layer for in the scalp section dialog box, it locks the dialog box somehow. In a new sketchup document without any condoc tools used in it I can change the setting in scalp to be colour by layer.
It would also be great if your scalp hatch patterns downloaded from skp warehouse already had layers and textures assigned to them.
thank you for your help.



I can’t do anything about CONDOC tools. But changing the patterns on the warehouse is a good idea. I try to do this asap.

Kind regards,

The Skalp Team