Drafting extension similar to Condoc Tools

Hi, I’m having a really hard time drafting in sketchup and I discovered Condoc Tools but it’s not free…Is there any similar extension that is free? Thankyou in advance

I don’t know of free extensions that will do the same.

The main reason why extensions like Condoc work is because they all work with a solid, well overthought system of Tags, scenes, stacked viewports etc.
The extension speeds up that process, saving you time.

Time to rethink your process and method, perhaps?
What specifically do you find hard when ‘drafting’ in SketchUp?

Thanks for the reply! I can’t find the right style to use to display what I want. If I use hidden line some of the important components are missing, but wireframe won’t work either because I need to only view a certain levels (ex. only 2nd floor and not 1st), and i don’t want colors on my drawings. Any suggestion?

Edit the edge settings in the hidden line style:
Open the styles panel, select the ‘in model’ collection and hit the Edit tab.
Set the Profiles in the ‘Edge settings’ to 1.
Update that style (rename it also) and save it for later use.

You can create several styles, depending on your needs and save them or include them in a template.
Same goes for the combination of scenes, naming Tag’s and of course in LayOut as well.

All this manual work can be done, it will save you time in the future.(Remember when you had that pitch coming up and ran out of time searching for ‘how do you do this or that?)

Start by reading some books to create your workflow:

OMG thankyou so much, both for the solution and recommendation! Can I ask one more thing? How to make grids and levels in layout?