Pro Online Tutorial / Consultant for Sketchup - Layout Workflow

I would like to get in touch with skilled professional instructors who would help and teach me and my office crew Sketchup-Layout workflow. We are a small architecture-design office and we have been using Sketchup-Layout workflow for the past 2 years. We had many issues with plugin, layout to dwg exports which we had to over come with personal research. I have seen a few tutorials online but did not know which would be a suitable choice for workflow problems. We would like to use Sketchup-Layout like a BIM software and integrate out 3D and 2D workflow together.
Thank you very much

Lots of great options out there but if you want professional training along with well documented set of resources to make SketchUp more BIM-like then I would highly recommend Mike Brightman’s SketchUp Workflow for Architecture and associated ConDoc Tools.

Mike is a fantastic teacher and the system he has built in SketchUp to Layout produces a very efficient and effective method of leveraging the power of both programs. He will release a new version of ConDoc Tools very soon to even further simplify the process (and no, this is not an ad, I just utilize this type of workflow daily!)

Another premier workflow is SketchUp and LayOut for Architecture by Matt Donely and a guru in his own right, Nick Sonder. They have captured Nick’s own process to leverage both programs in a slightly different way than Mike with amazing results. Highly recommended!

I have learned so much from these professionals and others that give so much in the forum and YouTube. My advice is to try and stick with one till you really understand the processes and techniques. Doing a combination of two or more can make for considerable confusion and frustration.

Good luck!

Thank you very much. I have heard and read about Mike Brightman’s SketchUp Workflow for Architecture. I will look in to it in more detail.