Michael Brightman's CONDOC - Anyone a user?


Just throwing out a line to see if there is anyone who uses the extension CONDOC Tools with SketchUp and LayOut. Everywhere I search I hear crickets when I try to find information in threads on this - thought it deserved some attention.

I’ve just started using it heavily and have quickly become somewhat proficient at it, but there are many functions I still cannot wrap my head around.


It looks very good, but it’s very expensive and they demand a credit card number even for the trial (although they don’t charge anything)
For these reasons I’ve never even tried it.
They are either very successful or they are going to fail due to bad marketing strategy. (I suspect the second applies)

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Condoc looked too complicated to me. I bought his book " The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture" (1.st edition) though when I first started using SketchUp back in 2014. I just use Dibac for SketchUp (perpetual and cheap) to make my designs ready for LayOut.

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