Medeek, ConDocs and Nick Sonders

Greetings, I come in peace and am looking for advice on my efforts to improve my workflow.
I’ve been using the Medeek suite of plugins for about a year and a half and love them. The ease of use and ability to quickly modify details related to almost everything in my models is incredible. Nathaniel responds quickly to questions and issues and I plan to continue using them in the future.
I was very excited to discover Mike Brightman’s ConDoc extension and immediately tested them out with some existing models but ran into some strange problems no matter how I tried to modify my model. I consolidated the Medeek tags into simpler groups (roof_dim, roof_2d, roof_outline, etc.) into a single ROOF tag knowing that I would lose the ability to modify the model using the Medeek plugins. I did the same with Walls and Foundation. I tried using ConDoc’s Architecture LAB and a few other tweaks but continued to get error messages in the Ruby console and odd corruptions of my models. Sadly I was not able to find a solution and had to give up on ConDoc with Medeek models.
I next dove into Nick Sonder’s templates and was able to create the scenes I needed and modified his styles to match what I wanted to display in Layout (Black and White, lighter use of fog, etc.). This maybe be how I continue moving forward.
I guess I’m looking for input from others using these methods to create their construction documents.


I know Mike has put forth quite an effort to better mesh his ConDoc tools with my extensions. Of course I don’t have access to any of the ConDoc code base but whatever I can do on my end to help facilitate your workflow is my intent.

I usually don’t get too specific when it comes to the workflow used to generate construction documents. The reason is that most of my energy has been focused on the 3D model and it’s geometry. Additionally, there is not real time API for Layout so I really can’t automate anything. It also seems like there are an infinite variety of workflows that can be used to generate construction docs.


Mike is awesome and I learned a lot to improve my workflow and understanding of Layout. He took the time to do an online meeting with me to discuss questions and concerns.
I do not rule out my own mistakes with my models.

I can’t say enough about your response to questions and problems as well. I have no idea how you have time to make constant improvements to your extensions and cover customer service to boot!

I hope to meet you in Vegas at Basecamp.