ConDoc -- any architects or others in construction use this?

Curious to hear if any architects, designers, draftsmen or others in construction use the ConDoc tools, and if so what has your experience been?

I do residential architecture, and I’ll be giving the 7-day trial a go on my next small project, and wanted to see if anyone on here had experiences to share.

I don’t have ConDoc but I have seen enough of their videos to help me implement my own very basic system based on it.

I also have the book by Nick Sonder and Matt Donley which has been very helpful.

Before then my system was rather haphazard!

I also do residential architecture but not much new build, mainly extensions, alterations…

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I used to use it a few years ago - don’t any more, I eventually found it too restrictive and I developed my own workflow but I still use many of the organisational concepts and layer (tag) schemas as I found this bit of it very useful.
I also do residential architecture and just like Paul - not much new build, mainly extensions, alterations…

I have Nick Sonders book but I haven’t read it yet.

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Thanks! Yeah I have the Sonders/Donley book and it’s been amazing. I may do what you did and watch a bunch of videos…

Interesting that you found it too restrictive, I hadn’t thought of that but it makes sense–it’s sort of like making sketchup into a BIM, which I’ve heard is restricts creativity… sounds like trying it is the thing to do, and with an eye towards keeping the useful concepts and schemas like you say, and moving on.

I guess I had a strong sense of how I wanted my drawings to look and have a lot of control over presentation. It may have changed since I was using it. I found Skalp to give me the control I wanted.