Anyone using Brightman's ConDoc Tools and Flex tools together?

Resently I have started to use Brightman’s Condoc tools workflow to simplify the process of making condocs. To make this work you have to run a pretty tight ship when it comes to putting doors, windows, walls etc in the right place (groups). Flex tools on the other hand want it another way. Both extentions are great but they don’t play very well together.

Condoc wants to have f.ex the walls placed like this **Level 01 / Walls / Exterior / Existing and windows like this “Level 01 / Windows / Exterior **/ Existing”.

But in order to have the flextools hole cutting windows to work properly you have to place them, outside, on the face of the wall that is inside the group/component (kind of “on the face” but outside the group). Did that make any sense to you?

The wall needs to be a component in order to work for Flextools. Drilling down to the right nesting level can be tricky, keep the outliner open and start editing from there should work, I suppose.

I am strugling with Profile Builder in combo with Flextools. Have mot made up my mind, yet.

I haven’t ever settled on any solution; I’m always in a constant state of experimentation. I use Flextools and I’ve experimented with Brightman’s organization method. I hate all that nesting for the sake of organization, but I understand how he arrived at the system. If multiple “tags” were implemented in SketchUp (discussed in many other threads), that would change everything. I think Flextools works ideally for Schematic Design and into Design Development, but Construction Documents have different demands which is part of the issue. I’ve experimented a lot with Medeek BIM tools too which are very CD oriented, and don’t relate to the other tools at all. You have to decide to go all in on one system and ignore the others, or abstract and learn from each and synthesize you’re own hybrid.

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