ConDoc section cut/elevation issues

I’m hoping that there is a guru here that can help me with an issue I’m having with Brightman Design’s ConDoc extension. I absolutely love this extension for the ease at which you can generate scenes for Layout viewports. Plus it has many other benefits.
The problem I’m having is that all of a sudden the ConDoc section cut and elevation tools don’t act as they did-they are supposed to create scenes when you click on your model and also will have these scenes in parallel projection with various layers turned on and off and styles prearranged. The perspective tool works fine. Is anyone else having issues? I’m running Sketchup 2017 on a 2012 MacBook Pro (El Capitan). Extensions include ProfileBuilder2, Double-Cut, Trimble Connect and Skalp.

This is probably best asked in Michael Brightman’s forums for ConDoc Tools. Try disabling SKALP and restating, see if the problem persits. A while ago there used to be problems with his systems and SKALP, I’m not sure if it was resolved.

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I have and Mike himself had a couple of suggestions but they didn’t resolve it. He also suggested the Skalp angle but no luck. Thanks

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