Sketchup plugin for enhancing construction drawings in Sketchup

Can anyone recommend if there is a plugin that helps or improves making construction drawings using Sketchup.

It isn’t exactly a plugin. It is called LayOut.

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The paid extension ConDoc Tools also comes to mind …

Hi Anssi

I use Layout. Pretty much impossible doing construction drawings without using Layout.

I remember trying a plug-in a while back that improved the elevation drawings among other things. I can’t remember it’s name.

Hi Beamer

That’s the one. Thanks very much for forwarding.

Define “improved”. How did it make them better than what you were producing without it?

Hi Dave

As mentioned above ConDoc is the plugin that improves construction drawings in Sketchup. I am sure there are others.

Improves how?

From what I have seen better line weight options, they have hatching for floor plans, more style options for elevations and details over all faster in putting together a complete set of residential construction drawings

FWIW, that can all be done in LayOut without any extensions.

Try PlusSpec