Looking to upgrade, need advice for construction applications

I’m looking to upgrade from a version of Sketchup Make 2017 that I have been using for simple mock-ups. I’m now looking to produce some construction drawings and would like to be able to print plan views, elevations and the like and be able to generate them on title block documents.
I’m planning to try out the trial Pro version and most likely upgrading to that. Would those functions be available to me in the trial version or even the actual Pro version for that matter? From what I’ve been able to find, I would have to download an additional paid add-on like Condoc to be able to produce something like this.
Just looking for some insight.

Yes you can make construction drawings with the pro version and no you don’t need any additional plugins to do it.

Just to clarify that the documents with a Pro license are created in LayOut which is the paperspace companion to SketchUp.

What you do in SketchUp Pro is create scene pages for each of the document views (plan views, elevations and the like.) Then in LayOut you create viewports into your SketchUp model file and set each to use one of the model’s scenes.

There is an free (basic example) “Create LayOut File” extension by the Trimble team that will automatically initialize the LayOut document with a page for each scene in your model file so that you don’t need to do that part manually.

There are also tutorials posted by members in the Tutorials category, that will teach you the basics of setting up LayOut documentation for construction.

@Barbara has posted quite a few that you should find useful:

There are quite a few extensions that can help with construction documentation and LayOut.
ConDoc tools not the only one.